Tri-Fab Steel

Tri-Fab Steel: About Us

Tri-Fab Steel, Inc. was established in 1971, with approimately 8,000 sqare feet of manufactoring space.  We have now grown to cover over 80,000 square feet of manufactoring space.  the complete shop is well equipped with qualified fabrication equipment, complimented by overhead cranes in all bays.  this well equipped shop, combined with experienced personnel, can meet most fabrication requirements.  

The bulk of Tri-Fab’s work is in heavy industrial carbon steel and stainless steel.  We are familiar with all types of bins, ducts, hoppers and structural steel fabrication.   Tri-Fab Steel generally works with design drawings to furnish shop details, erection prints and all related hardware as may be required for a complete installation.   Tri-Fab Steel generally works on projects which vary in size from a few tons up to 150 tons.  

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